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A host agency that helps you achieve your unique goals.

As a travel advisor do you feel...

  • Isolated from a community?
  • Concerned your brand and goals are unsupported?
  • Stuck on a business hurdle without help?
  • Frustrated you’re giving away all of your upside?
  • Lost on how to hire assistants or IC’s?
  • Bored with your host’s lack of innovation?

As an independent contractor, you’re an entrepreneur — but traditional IC models aren’t aligned to address those specific needs. Industry norms position you without guidance toward growth and leave you assuming all the risk without benefiting from the full reward. It’s time for a change, not only in the travel industry, but in how you do business as an advisor.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve been where you are. Whether you’re the advisor who entered the industry and never received training, stuck at a production plateau, looking to make your first assistant or IC hire, Jetset exists to guide advisors as you navigate those challenges toward your goal.

If you’re passionate about playing a role in the future of the travel industry, through your innovation, service and goals, Jetset World Travel’s community and support are right for you. Our culture was built from kind, professional advisors — ones who are not afraid to have a little fun while challenging the status quo.

  • Member of Virtuoso
  • Dedicated Air Desk Support
  • Member of ASTA
  • Annual Sales Review
  • Access to Preferred Partners
  • Insider Access to Travel Conferences
  • Back office and Accounting
  • Monthly Electronic Statements
  • Travel-Based Educational Opportunities
  • Commission Chasing Assistance
  • Financially Stable (no debt)
  • No Annual Fee for advisors who achieve minimum commission level
For years, the travel industry has operated largely on two profit models for independent contractors: give away a percentage of your sales in perpetuity or to commit to a flat fee with little to no support. It’s time for a change. Jetset Upside Commission Structure is designed to support you at all stages in your career by allowing you to capitalize on your own upward momentum. We are happy to discuss our commission structure one-on-one with advisors interested in joining our community.
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