Alex Raymond

Travel Advisor
One of the purest forms of transformation comes from travel. I grew up the daughter of an Air Force pilot, regularly moving from place to place, making new friends, attending new schools and adjusting to new surroundings. The military lifestyle wasn’t always easy, but I firmly believe my unique childhood and all the places I called home helped shape me into the passionate traveler I am today. The most transformative move, however, was one I made recently to the United Arab Emirates, where I spent a full year living in the capital city of Abu Dhabi with my husband. Wandering around Abu Dhabi and Dubai was illuminating in its own right, but we were also fortunate to travel to 12 different countries in that timeframe – places as varied as Sri Lanka, Armenia, Croatia and the Seychelles. This move abroad forever changed my life for the better and only fueled my desire to share in the planning of trips that inspire others to embrace the unknown and seek adventure whenever possible. Whether it’s for clients looking to step outside their comfort zones or just hit pause on their fast-paced lives, I love creating tailor-made vacations that can have an outlook-altering effect. I understand the importance of building that unique relationship and really listening to the finest details of your tastes and interests in an effort to give you the most substantive and enriching experience, so that you too, can say you are no longer the same having seen the moon shine on the other side of the world.
Atlanta, GA

What's your favorite travel memory?

Getting engaged and then married two days later in Seychelles! We had this plan of just getting the paperwork so I could live in Abu Dhabi with him and I didn’t actually know he had a ring already, so it was a sweet surprise before settling into a new country and starting these new lives after being long distance for so long.
Alex Raymond

Where have you traveled to around
the world? (LIST ALL PLACES)

Armenia, Bahamas, Bermuda, Croatia, England, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Mexico, Netherlands, Oman, Scotland, Seychelles, Sri Lanka, Slovenia, UAE, lots of USA