Devan Mercer

My love of travel stems from summers on the road with my parents, and two younger siblings as a kid. We explored every historical landmark my history teacher parents could find, annoyed each other to no end living out of a 21 foot travel trailer, and learned how to cook over an open fire after adventure packed days of hiking up and down beaches or battlefields. This love of travel and adventure led me to study abroad in Costa Rica as well as a participate in a military exchange program in Brazil. I first experienced the profession of travel planning in the Army, as the officer in charge of sending Soldiers to various training locations in Africa. This job not only sparked my passion for travel planning but also enlightened me to the most fulfilling part of this position: welcoming home individuals who have a heightened understanding of different cultures, a deeper appreciation for their own lives, and a new desire to continuously learn and experience the world!! Let’s dream up your travel bucket list, design your ideal honeymoon or craft the ultimate family experience! I look forward to assisting you in planning your next adventure!
Knoxville, TN

What's on your bucket list?

Road trip around Iceland, visit my friends in Sweden and Germany, and explore South America.
Devan Mercer

Where have you traveled to around
the world? (LIST ALL PLACES)

Costa Rica, Brazil, Jamaica, Haiti, Bahamas, Greece, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Thailand, South Africa, Alaska, lots of USA