Lindsey Epperly


Over the years, my personal travels have stolen my words and returned them to me full of passion and with a dream of sharing this great world. That passion led me to build Jetset.

My journey through the travel industry began as a student at the University of Georgia, when I wandered into a travel agency in my hometown, looking for a brochure, and (accidentally) walked out with a job. Over the course of my career, I constantly searched for the host agency I wished existed: a place where I could plug into the community regardless of where in the world I was, a collection of mentors willing to pay it forward and provide clarity around my business, and a launching pad for my own entrepreneurial endeavors. It didn’t exist. So I built it. 

My personal “why” is to help others believe in their value, so much so that it’s one of our company values. Whether you’re a Jetset World Travel client, new supplier friend, or a fellow advisor, I can speak on behalf of the entire Jetset team when I say: we are truly grateful for the opportunity to work with you.

Atlanta, GA

What's your favorite travel memory?

My all-time favorite travel memory was our wedding in St. Kitts, where all of our favorite people on the planet gathered in an intimate celebration over the course of three magical days.
Lindsey Epperly