Sarah Sullivan

I have had a long passion for travel ever since I set foot in the British Isles at age 12. During this trip I became enamored with the new sights, sounds and culture and was so excited by it all. Since then, I’ve spent a large part of my life traveling the world. I studied in Rome, Italy during College and was lucky enough to meet my hubby there. And later spent five years living in Europe, in Warsaw, Poland, exploring it inside and out. Some of my favorite memories from this chapter are spending Christmas Eve in Bethlehem, sailing the Bosphorus across Europe and Asia in Istanbul, and hiking the waterfalls in Croatia. Since returning from Europe, I’ve been excited to further explore the U.S. with my kids and family. I love that each travel experience gives you a new and different perspective on the world and allows you to learn something new – all the while creating amazing memories! I have traveled as a student, an adult and as a mom and I understand that today’s adults and families are overwhelmed and busy. They need a getaway from the daily grind but don’t have the time to spend planning travel and scouring the internet to ensure their time and money is well spent. I am here to help make your travel planning experience seamless and fun. Let’s help you focus on the dreams and adventures — and I’ll handle the details and planning. So, all you need to do is pack your bags and enjoy! I am looking forward to working with you to create memories of a lifetime.
Kansas City, KS

Who is the most interesting person you met while traveling?

In Ireland we did drive through the small town where my husband’s family was born and stopped at the local post office where they keep the family records. A random elderly gentleman was in there mailing packages and heard our conversation. He studied geneaology and had lived in the town for his whole life. He insisted we walk back to his house for tea and proceeded to spend the afternoon looking up Tom’s family and where they had lived, gone to school, etc in the town and took us on our own private tour. It was fascinating and wonderful!
Sarah Sullivan

Where have you traveled to around
the world? (LIST ALL PLACES)

Mexico, Jamaica, Bahamas, Peru, Costa Rica, Italy, Scotland, Ireland, Finland, Sweden, Wales, Poland, Germany, Turkey, Russia, Ukraine, Slovenia, Macedonia, France, Spain, Switzerland, Belgium, Netherlands, Georgia, Tunisia, Greece, Croatia, Canada, Portugal, Austria, Denmark, Albania, Bulgaria, Romania, Belarus, Lithuania, Cyprus Morocco