What is a host agency?

Not only do we plan exceptional travel for our clients, but we are also committed to helping travel advisors succeed! We are dedicated to modernizing the traditional host agency structure, putting our advisors at the top of our priorities. We tackle the three greatest challenges advisors face today: lack of community, lack of clarity, and an abundance of barriers. So, what exactly does this mean? 


Individual Travel Advisors

As an individual travel advisor, we provide all the support you need. We’ve got you covered with mentorship and guidance to build your book of business and a lead generation program to grow your client base. Our collaborative community works together to answer any and all questions and we love to celebrate everyone’s victories. This allows you to stay motivated and direct your focus on what you do best: serving clients and planning travel. 


Building Your Own Team

If you’re looking to build your own company and team of advisors, we provide assurance and guidance as an experienced agency. You’ll benefit from business model consulting, a collaborative community of fellow team leaders to grow alongside, and the backend support necessary to protect you from the tedious aspects of owning your own business.


BE The Travel’s Success Story

We spoke with Bailie White, founder of BE The Travel, to show how our host agency works with entrepreneurs! BE The Travel has been one of Jetset World Travel’s success stories of growing a solid team using the benefits that come with a host agency. Bailie has flourished in the travel industry for years and after establishing her own company of talented advisors, she made the decision to sell her business and start a new chapter!

How did you start in the travel industry and when did you join Jetset World Travel?
I started my career in travel in 2017 as an administrative assistant with a local travel agency. After moving away, I decided to start my own agency and founded BE the Travel in 2018. I’ve been a fan of Lindsey and Jeremy for years, and have followed the work they’ve done with Jetset World Travel. So, in the summer of 2021, I officially made the decision to work with Jetset. 
What were you specifically looking for when looking for a host agency to grow your business?
At the time I was looking at different host agencies in the summer of 2021, I was specifically looking for true entrepreneurs leading other entrepreneurs. Of course, you always want to consider the details like consortiums and preferred partnerships. However, Jetset has a whole different level of support in their mission to help grow the travel entrepreneur. No one else in the industry has this!
As the owner of a growing agency, the biggest benefits to me were two things. First, EntreTravel. The fact that any new advisors I hired would have free access to EntreTravel prior to my own in-house training program was huge. It saved me a TON of time (and therefore, money).
Second, the monthly collaborative meetings with other agency owners like myself, led by Cassie, Lindsey, and Jeremy. This was absolutely priceless. These monthly meetings felt like a cross between a monthly mastermind (where we brainstormed and problem solved) and a therapy session (to know I wasn’t alone in going through everything a small agency owner goes through)!
What were your favorite parts of being a travel advisor and owning your own business?

My favorite part of being a travel advisor was learning about our world & making friends across the globe. My most loved memories are from FAM trips, sitting at a big table with people from all over the world who don’t all look like me, believe the same things I believe, or live life exactly how I do. I learned and grew so much as a person! 

My favorite part of owning a business is everything I learned from it. In the past 5 years I’ve started, scaled, and sold a company and the lessons I’m walking away with are absolutely invaluable to me. I’m definitely hooked on entrepreneurship for life!
Any tips for the aspiring travel advisors and business owners?

Although it wasn’t my story, if you find yourself wanting to forever be an independent travel advisor, there is a lot of beauty in that route. And, you have several outstanding host agencies to choose from – Jetset included!

However, if you’re someone who is looking to build a business within the walls of a larger host agency, do extensive research on what contracts will best support you, and what host agencies will help you grow your business how you want to grow it. Don’t rush this process, because who you decide to host with will be a major part of your journey! If you’re asking me, I think you’ll learn that there is a little something extra special to be found at Jetset World Travel for the travel entrepreneurs like me.


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