Jetset World Travel Brings in EntreTravel as an Exclusive Tool for Advisors

Jetset World Travel has officially acquired EntreTravel as a tool exclusively for Jetset advisors. Lindsey Epperly and Jeremy Sulek, CEO and COO of Jetset World Travel, founded EntreTravel as a standalone program with the intent of elevating the travel industry through standardized education. The original business model of EntreTravel was designed to be agnostic to any agency or consortia affiliation. In its nearly three years of business, the program has been contracted out by a number of host agencies for training, which sparked the idea of acquiring the program.

“We have a plan for this program to truly skyrocket with Jetset at the helm,” said Sulek.“We’re already in the works of building out a second set of modules dedicated to advisors looking to scale their books of business by building and growing a team.” 

Jetset World Travel’s vision to be an innovative host agency for travel entrepreneurs perfectly aligns with EntreTravel’s mission of providing advisors with the best business and educational resources in the industry.

“That’s exactly how I did it,” said Epperly, “and that entrepreneurial way of thinking is so incredibly important that every member of Jetset World Travel, from our internal advisors to our team leaders and their team members, will be receiving complimentary access to EntreTravel once the acquisition is complete.”

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Are you interested in joining the Jetset World Travel team of advisors and learning more about our educational resources? Check out the careers page linked below!

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