Known as the jewel of northern New Mexico, Vermejo is best described as your very own private park – a 550,000 acre park. This intimate experience immerses you in quiet, untouched, and wild nature. If you crave some outdoor adventure and a getaway from the bustle of city life, but are tired of the constant crowds taking over those iconic hikes, Vermejo is the perfect place for you!

A couple of our team members were able to enjoy 4 incredible days with the Vermejo team – our Marketing Manager, Andrea and Emma Major, founder of Major Travel, an affiliate of Jetset World Travel. Their experience was nothing short of magical.

Firstly, THE FOOD. Vermejo’s culinary program is exceptional. Their greenhouse grows fresh herbs and vegetables for each dish. The menu is altered every night based on the dietary preferences and restrictions of the guests. We tried as many dishes as we could fit in our stomachs, and each item was exceptional. Vermejo’s mission is easily stated as ’Save Everything’ and they mean that with the food as well. During one of the dinners, Emma was unable to finish the full plate of food and the staff took the leftover meat to make a special breakfast burrito for her. We were so impressed with how they take their mission seriously.

When we say this experience is quiet, untouched, and wild nature, we really mean it. Wildlife surrounds you everywhere – from cute deer outside your window to elks roaming the land and herds of bison by the hundreds. There are sightings of mountain lions and antelope, and your chance of a good fishing day is high. We caught three fish ourselves, which were later specially grilled for us into ceviche. Our extremely knowledgeable private guide took us on a drive to visit the herds of bison up close!

Lastly, the activities! There’s nothing like witnessing a stunning sunrise on top of a snowy mountain with fresh cups of warm coffee to start the day. We went fishing, rock climbing, enjoyed an outdoor picnic, went horseback riding, rode ATV’s, and shot at their shotgun range. There are so many activities that we couldn’t fit everything during our four day stay. They also have kayaking, paddle-boarding, archery, cooking classes, mountain biking, disc golf, and conservation tours. Keep in mind that each activity also has a version for kids to enjoy. There’s something for everyone in the family to have a full schedule of fun!

Vermejo is the perfect outdoor adventure getaway for couples, families, bachelor parties, or just a weekend away with friends. Fill out our trip request form if you’re interested in learning more about this ideal nature escape!


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