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In the wild reserves of South Africa is luxury resort that will change your life. Singita is an incredibly special place. At Jetset World Travel, our advisors were invited on an amazing opportunity to experience the magic of Singita first-hand and learn all about the property.

First, the commitment that Singita has to its natural ecosystems is monumental. They are unwavering in their dedication to environmental conscious hospitality, sustainable conservation, and the empowerment of their local communities. They aim to preserve and protect Africa’s wilderness for future generations, and have even recovered critically endangered species. The land that used to be a former hunting concession was turned into Singita, an exclusive conservation reserve where all species are protected. Jetset’s travel advisor Hillary Barrett explains, “There is something magical about being in the bush. You are in the wild, in the animals’ home. A trip like this really places perspective on life, the world we live in, and makes you think. It’s a special place.” Sanctuaries such as Singita offer travelers the opportunity to truly slow down and awaken their sense to the environment that surrounds them. 

Gratitude. That’s a word that has come up constantly when talking to our advisors about their time in Singita. Hillary shared, “After we touched down at the airstrip in the Serengeti we were graciously greeted by the team at Singita. We met our fabulous guide and hopped onto the game vehicle. As soon as we started driving, I took a deep breath, took in our surroundings, and smiled. While driving, we saw elephants and giraffes, and even spotted two male lions resting by a tree. Moments later we spotted a lioness with her three cubs. We were all in awe watching them hide behind her and then slowly they became more comfortable to explore. It was quite the start to many amazing game drives ahead. As the evening drive concluded and the sun went down, we were all immensely grateful to be in such a magical place.

Hillary Barrett of Jetset World Travel on a safari game drive
Madeline Steuber Johnson of Steuber Travel Group with Singita team member

Being surrounded by breathtaking landscapes and seeing wild animals up close and personal is something to cherish, but the experience wouldn’t be half as magical without the team at Singita. “It’s the people at Singita that make it so special. We were fortunate to have had numerous team members share their stories with us and it was very touching. The lodge managers and guides shared about their upbringings, the tribes they are a part of, and their family life,” said Hillary

During their final night at Ebony Lodge, the entire staff sang after dinner. “It was genuine and authentic; it did not feel like a show put on for guests but rather something they cared very deeply to share with us and what an honor it was to share this moment with them! Sometimes things in life are so moving, you smile and cry at the same time. This was one of those moments for me,” shared Madeline Steuber Johnson of Steuber Travel Group (a Jetset World Travel affiliate). You bond with staff in a remarkable way during the trip. The travel advisors during this trip explained that your first trip to Singita is for the safari experience, your second trip is for the people who become a part of your life. 

Anna Dilworth of Jetset World Travel
Madeline Steuber Johnson of Steuber Travel Group with Singita team members

Being immersed in nature in this way brings forth once-in-a-lifetime experiences! Madeline describes her favorite moments in Singita were when she was able to get up close to white rhinos. “This first time we tracked a white rhino, we spooked a calf rhino when the wind changed, and we were mock charged. I was so nervous and had such a wave of relief when we were finally back at our game drive vehicle that I thought I would never walk in the bush again. But I did! Twice more actually. And my favorite part was seeing the white rhino a second time. Ironically, I was even more scared than our first encounter, but there was something really inspiring about the second time. Especially because I had faced a fear head on and I could physically feel the bond and care our guides and trackers had for us. I can’t describe it in words, but I knew we would be okay. Breathtaking, scary, and beautiful— that’s for sure!” Pushing yourself beyond your comfort zone is what transforms your life!

Singita Ebony Lodge

So often, we do not slow down. That’s where Singita and safari experiences come in. “On safari, it’s almost as if time slows, your senses are heightened and you’re forced to be completely present. We hear trainers and coaches say, ‘be more present’ all the time. But I don’t think I personally have ever done that until this trip. Emotionally, a trip such as this forces you to face where your comfort threshold is. Walking in the bush, riding on the front of a game drive vehicle, coming face to face with big 5 animals – everyone has a different threshold for what they are comfortable with. It is quite empowering and deeply humbling to face your threshold for comfort head on and rise above it. In an office, I feel confident. In the wild, I become more timid. This trip allowed me to grow emotionally and physically,” explained Madeline. This is the importance of transformative travel.

Transformative travel is trending for travelers this coming year and there’s a good reason for that! It promotes travel to natural areas in a way that conserves the environment, provides education, and benefits the local people and economy. It brings forth positive transformation to our lives and a deep appreciation of our planet. What better way to start the new year than to start planning experiences that will enhance your life?!

Erin Budmayr of Life of Travel with Singita team members


New Year, New You, New Travel!


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